Why Exploring Frankfurt Like A Local Was Fun

Why Exploring Frankfurt Like A Local Was Fun
Hello there,
Hey guys, while you know me blogging all about beauty this is my first attempt to give words my other passion – Travelling! Travelling and exploring not only makes me happy but it also gives me extra dose of positivity and enthusiasm.

It’s been a few months actually summer time, when we traveled to Germany- Frankfurt. We were there for three weeks, and we got enough time to explore few gems of the city. Frankfurt am Main is one of the modern cities in Germany terms of transportation and infrastructure and business hub. But what I explored about the city has more to it. Here’s what I enjoyed about this beautiful yet busy city.

A Small Picnic At Palmer Garten

This beautiful botanical garden hosts a wide range of tropical, subtropical plants species. We had a relaxing walk between the green traces covered with flora everywhere, felt like I was walking through some beautiful scenery painted in bright colors.

A Dive In The History At Romerberg

While walking the shops around Romerberg , I got to know that this place was damaged during second world and was reconstructed later. These shops around showcased the ancient culture through antiques and popular coo-coo clock and beautiful pieces of art. I got few pretty magnets encarved with city tower and Romerberg.

What It Feels Like Enjoying Brunch Over The Cruise

It was fun walking around the city, but nothing seemed better than having brunch on cruise watching the bridges, parks and biz high rises pass by. Locals love to enjoy food on weekends outside, and or us it was an amazing experience too, brunching and listening to info they give over cruise.

Why My Shopaholic Soul Was Happy At Zeil

Zeil is the famous Shopping place in Frankfurt, from big shopping malls to street shopping, Cafes and restaurants, you will find it here. I did some street shopping, but I chose to walk in Rossman store, as we don’t find it here in India. My eyes lit up with excitement to find huge range of beauty products, perfumes and much more. I couldn’t stop myself, and ended up shopping really crazy. I am going to write about what I shopped in detail my next blog post.

Wildlife In The Midst of City

Frankfurt zoo is another major attraction in the city and it was for our little one, we decided to explore. Spacious zoo has hundreds of animal species. My little one really enjoyed this day trip learning about animals watching them.

Senckenberg Museum

Watching Jurassic world always gave me goosebumps, and when I visited this museum, I was thrilled..! Huge dinosaur’s fossils left me awestruck.

Dancing To The Festive Tunes

I was lucky enough to be a spectator at one of the local festival there. I was completely amazed to see crowd was full of energy, enjoying the music and dance. The vibrant atmosphere was totally mesmerizing.

So, guys this was it about my story of a beautiful journey @Frankfurt. Hope you guys enjoyed..! I would love to share few more interesting places I visited in Europe, so don’t miss it.

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