Tips To Keep Skin Moisturized And Soft Naturally | Winter Skin care

Tips To Keep Skin Moisturized And Soft Naturally | Winter Skin care


Hello Beauties! 

As the winter approaches many of us worry for our skin. The harsh cold weather, the cool winds leave our skin dry and irritated taking away all its moisture. And the worst happens when the skin cracks, and the harmful bacteria breaks in.
I know how it feels when you have to get ready for a marriage party and your skin wont allow you to wear make up 🙁 We always spend on buying and trying different cosmetics products to get of this problem and end up making it more worse! Here are simple tips to keep skin moisturized and soft naturally. You can easily add up in your skin care routine and make your skin happy 🙂

Tips To Keep Skin Moisturized And Soft Naturally

1.Oil Bath

This is really easy and definitely works! Add a few drops of coconut oil +Almond oil + essential oil to your bath tub. If you love to bathe under shower use this oil mixture as shower oil ie., apply it in shower and bath. This keeps the skin moisturized for really long.
soap and oil

2.Bed Time Ritual

Moisturizing your skin at before going to bed is very important I call it a bed time ritual. Apply generous amount of Olive to your skin ten min before jumping to bed. In this time the skin completely absorbs the oil and keeps it nourished. Why Olive oil? Olive oil is rich in natural vitamin e, which the most vital nutrient for skin nourishment. Using cold pressed and pure form of oil gets easily and quickly absorbed in skin. It is light on skin and retains moisture.
olive oil desp

3.Less Use of Soap, Face wash

While we keep our skin moisturized all the time, the market brought soaps and face wash can really leave your skin dry and flaky. Avoid using them for a month or two. Or use these just once or twice in a day. Try cleansing skin raw milk – dip the cotton ball in raw unboiled milk, squeeze a little and gently cleanse the face.

4.Yogurt And Honey

This is the simplest and best of all time. Yogurt and honey face pack works amazing on dry skin. Honey has anti bacterial properties which keeps the skin safe from any skin infections. Using raw organic pure honey helps in healing the skin. Fresh creamy yogurt has wonderful moisturizing properties that deeply moisturizes the skin and helps skin to retain moisture.

5.Coconut milk-Almonds-Banana

Coconut milk is wonderful nature gifted moisturizer. Just mash few soaked almonds add in half a banana. Mix and apply. This super combo revitalizes the dull dry skin, brings it back to life! Skin looks more younger and so soft and plump.

6.Diet And Water

Drink enough water and keep your body hydrated. This in turn keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. Diet also plays an important part in maintaining healthy skin. Have more proteins and fresh fruits in diet. 
Hope you found these tips really beneficial in dealing your skin problem. Stay healthy and glowing 🙂 

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