Rice Water For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Rice Water For Beautiful Skin And Hair

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Do you know that Rice water is amazing for skin and hair? Yes! the excess Rice water which we actually throw away thoughtlessly after cooking the rice.. Rice water is enriched with vitamins, minerals and nutrients is powerful beauty enhancer. It can actually make the skin flawless and hair grow thick and strong.

Rice water

Asian women (especially Japanese, Chinese) consider Rice water an most essential element of their beauty regime. This wonderful water can be used as Toner, cleanser and scrubs. It is packed with anti-oxidants which slows down the aging process. The fermented rice water is also great for both skin and hair. A simple hair cleanse with this water has stunningly curbs hair fall and dandruff. It is very easy to prepare, this quick skin care remedy is stupendously effective.

How To Prepare Rice Water With Boiling Rice

rice water

Wash about 1 cup of rice properly, you are free to choose any variety of rice, once you are sure that rice is clear off the dirt and impurities then add 3 cups of water to it. Let the rice soak for 15 mins and then cook it.

Straining And Storing

After the rice is cooked you can strain off the excess water using strainer. Let this water to cool to room temperature and then pour it into air-tight container and you can store it in refrigerator for one week. Remember that this water is quite concentrated, so dilute it adding 1 tablespoon of this concentrated water to 1 cup of normal filtered water.

There are also other ways of preparing rice water like without boiling and fermenting. You can wash and soak rice for 10-15 mins after stirring water turns cloudy this is one way. The other way is to ferment this water by keep it out for a day or two. But in my opinion, after experimenting different ways for about a month, i felt that the rice water after boiling rice is much more beneficial to both skin and hair.

Rice Water For Skin

As a Clarifying Toner

Rice water deeply clarifies the skin of the oil and dirt and makeup remains on the face. Just dip the cotton ball into rice water, apply it to the face and massage it on the face for a few minutes with your clean hands and wash off. It contains astringent properties, which reduces the size of the pores and makes the skin look even and smooth. It also helps to tighten the skin.

Skin Soothing And Brightening Face Pack

Take 2 tablespoon of this water add gram flour and cucumber pulp, this is extremely refreshing face pack for summer. It helps to remove tan, reverses the effect of UV rays on the skin, soothes and calms the skin. It whitens and brightens the face.

Face Scrub

Add one teaspoon of Olive oil and lemon juice to a tablespoon of rice water, finally add two tablespoon of granulated Brown sugar. Mix them well, if the mixture is quite flowy, add some more sugar to it. Gently massage this scrub on the face and neck area. Then rinse off with water, it removes all the dead cell from the skin’s surface and makes the skin smooth and firm.

Rice Water For Hair
Hair Conditioner

Rice water loaded with minerals and vitamins repairs the damaged hair, it conditions the dry rough hair. Make the hair smooth, and manageable. Its gives the hair required elasticity and bounce. It does the work of both Conditioner and Serum.

Hair cleanser

Add 1 tablespoon of Shikakai powder and Lemon juice make a smooth paste, apply and leave it for about 10 mins and then wash it off. It purifies the scalp, clears the dirt from the scalp and is absolutely free from Sulphates and chemicals. It nourishes the hair, makes it strong and shiny.

Word of caution – Rice water is great for oily skin as it removes the excess oil from the skin, but for dry skin using it in minimum amount is advisable. Also try to use freshly prepared or you can store it in refrigerator and do not use the stored rice water for more than a week.

So, next time instead of simply wasting the rice water, try experimenting it on your skin and hair 😉 If you have any beauty tips using rice water? We would love to hear 🙂

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