Olive oil and its benefits for skin, hair and health


olive oil

Olive oil – One oil and many benefits! We all are now very much conscious about our health,diet and fitness. And when it comes to diet, oil plays a very crucial role. Because maximum food recipes need oil either for dressing or greasing or seasoning. And choosing oil is thus very important. Olive oil is one such oil which has maximum amount of Mono saturated fatty acids in it which are actually the good fats.And are very good for our heart and lowers cholesterol and overall health.

Olive oil for health and weight loss

It is used in almost all recipes in the food shows now-a-days because of its great health benefits. Olive oil comes from fruit of Olive. It is extracted by crushing or pressing these olives. And this oil makes an awesome salad dressing with other herbs. As this oil contains healthy fatty acids which help to burn stubborn fats in body. Olive should always be used in less quantity, just up to one table spoon.

Olive oil for skin

It is not only great for health but its also great for skin and hair. It is loaded with vitamin E and anti-oxidants in high amounts which are very much required for skin.

Olive oil as moisturizer

This oil can be used as a moisturizer. Dry skin beauties can have advantage of this as this deeply moisturizes the skin. Just taking a few drops of it and rubbing between the palms and then apply it to hands and legs.

Olive oil as make up remover


It can be used as make up remover. Most of the make removers contains chemicals that are harsh on skin and may leave the skin dry. Best natural alternative is to use olive oil. Take a few drops of olive oil in palms and massage gently on the face,neck and even eye liner area. Then with a cotton ball just wipe it off. You can notice all the dirt and makeup coming on the cotton ball.

Olive oil as anti-aging serum

Olive oil is highly packed with vitamin E and anti-oxidants which heals,repairs the skin from within. It boosts the collagen and gives strength to the skin, which prevents the fine lines and wrinkles. And acts as anti-aging serum. Take 2-3 drops of extra virgin olive oil and apply it evenly to face and neck just before going to bed. It builds the skin cells and prevents damage caused by pollution, sun, tan and works wonderfully on skin.

Olive oil face mask

This oil can be used in face masks which are great for winters. 1 table spoon of it with honey, lemon and gram flour makes an amazing face mask. This face deeply moisturizes the skin and brightens the skin tone.

olive oil

Olive oil for hair

It is very much beneficial even to hair. Vitamin E in it promotes the hair growth and moisturizes the scalp. Massaging the oil on the scalp at least two times a week nourishes the scalp. This oil is bit greasy, so apply olive oil just an hour before stepping in shower to shampoo it off.

Olive oil hair mask

olive oil


Use it to make hair mask. Just add 1 table spoon of olive to 1 egg and half mashed banana, apply it to scalp. Olive oil greatly conditions the scalp, maintains the pH, and vitamin E in it nourishes the scalp. Where as egg is high in proteins and help to fight hair fall and makes hair smooth and shiny.

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