Top Skin Care Tips For This Monsoon

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In my last blog i shared few monsoon hair care tips and how to stop hair fall. And now here are a few skin care tips for monsoon. Its not only hair that fights the humid moist weather but our skin needs attention too. As we all know during monsoon there’s lot of humidity in air. This humidity traps the dirt, moisture from air and blocks the pores on skin and lets the bacteria grow over it. This in turn causes breakouts and pimples, itchy skin and redness.

With the change in season you need to make few changes to your skin care products as well as skin care routine. Especially in monsoon you need to chose products that has anti-bacterial properties. The ones that prevent clogging of pores, acne and pimples problem. Also which are very light on skin and does not leave skin oily. Check out a few skin care tips below and enjoy your monsoon 🙂

Top Skin Care Tips For This Monsoon

Face wash

Go for any mild anti-bacterial face wash, as this will help your skin fight against all the bacteria blocking the pores. Also wash your face three times a day, to keep it clean and clear. Use raw milk to clean face alternately between the market face wash, so that it wouldn’t be too harsh on the skin. Raw milk is an amazing cleanser which is very very mild and its great for dry skin beauties.



Face pack

Neem based face packs are great for monsoon as Neem has excellent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that prevent breakouts and pimples. For oily skin types – try Neem powder, Lemon juice and Aloe Vera gel face pack. And for dry skinned beauties mix Neem powder with yogurt and honey. Keep it for 15 mins and then rinse with cold water. These face packs are easy and effective. They clear the skin to the core.

Make up

Yes, its time for waterproof makeup products! But even if you have got all waterproof products try to keep your makeup minimum.
Again this is because with humidity too much foundation looks a bit cakey and dull. Show off your look with minimum makeup and light colors instead of creating too much dramatic look. Choose foundation that is waterproof and light on skin.


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Eye shadows- opt for nudes, browns and peaches. For filling eyebrows use eyebrow stick instead of eyebrow powder this will prevent it from flowing away with humidity or rain. Avoid liquid eye liners and go for gel based or cream based eye liners as they last longer. This would make your skin appear more fresh and beautiful in otherwise
dull and clumsy weather.


This product is a must for every season, to keep skin hydrated and nourished. So, go for a light moisturizer, so that its not too heavy on your skin and does not leave your skin oily. Also try to mix two drops of pure essential tea tree oil. Tea tree oil
has anti-bacterial properties and it helps in minimizing rashes, itchiness and prevents pimples. If your skin is too much oily then try using alternately
Aloe Vera gel or Rose water.


Makeup Brushes and Tools

Keep all your make up brushes, sponges and applicator tools clean. Always use clean make up brushes, coz humidity attracts lot of bacteria. The bacteria will get transferred from brushes to your skin simply damaging the skin.

make up brushes


Water And Diet

Water is the what keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing. So, drink 2 – 3 litres of water everyday. Try to infuse your water with ginger, lemon and mint, this will improve the taste of water and also detox the body. Watch out your diet, stay away from junk food, oily and spicy food. These type of foods produce more oil on the skin and create skin problems.


Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Yes though summer is gone, but still include sunscreen in your skin care routine especially before stepping out. Sunscreen are a must
even for monsoon, you can reduce the quantity and also you can go for a little lesser SPF but don’t skip it.

So, these were few simple skin care tips for this monsoon. Hope you find these tips useful. If you have any tips to share with us please comment below. We would love to hear 🙂


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