Manicure At Home, Step By Step Salon Style Manicure

Manicure at home, step by step salon style manicure 


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Today lets see how to do manicure at home, step by step.We all love to have beautiful nails on gorgeous hands. Sometimes we cannot manage to get to a salon to get professional manicure done. And in such case a manicure at home, would be best option! And it would be much more fun as well as a stress buster.
so lets start..

Gathering all the nail care items



first step is to gather all the required materials at one place
For this we are going to need

  • Towel
  • A big bowl to dip your fingers
  • body wash
  • base coat
  • nail polish
  • nail color remover
  • half lemon
  • castor oil
  • q tips
  • old toothbrush



Now remove old nail polish using Nail polish remover. Take some amount of it on cotton ball and remove the old nail polish completely.

Once that is done, then take warm water in a big bowl, then add body wash to it. Now dip your hands in it.  Using an old toothbrush, clean the dirt and impurities, also the remains of old polish. Now using towel, wipe off the water from hands and gently push back the cuticles. do not cut the cuticles as it may cause infection.Pushing the cuticles back will make the nails look longer.

Cutting and Filing


Using a nail clipper, trim your nails into desired shape such as oval, rounded square etc. Then file them to get the perfect smooth shape. Its very important to file the nails in one direction, otherwise they become brittle and may break off. 

Soaking the nails

In a large bowl or tub, add warm water, check first that water is not too hot! In this warm water squeeze half lemon. Lemon juice has high amount of vitamin C. It helps to whiten the nails, and get rid of the stains left by nail polish, also the dirt left over after filing the nails will be removed properly.


Now its time for nourishing the nails, for this take some castor oil.
Dip a Q tip in castor oil and apply it to your nails, castor oil is enriched with vitamin e, it helps to grow your nails faster in case if you have problem of nails not growing faster or nails breaking easily then just apply castor oil to nails at bed time, this will nourish the nails help them grow faster.



Now lets moisturize our hands, take some amount of moisturizer or body lotion and apply it evenly to hands,keep the hands moisturized and hydrated, now its time for nail polish.
But first apply Base coat, base coat protects the nails, it helps prevent the nails from
staining due to chemicals present in the nail polish, so invest in a good quality base coat.
Finally pick your favorite nail color and then apply it to the nails, be slow, and carefully paint your nails.

And yup! Your salon style nails are ready for show off. Flaunt those beautiful hands without spending a penny just at comfort of your home.

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