How To Use Avocado Oil For Skin And Hair

How To Use Avocado Oil For Skin And Hair

Hey Beauties,

In the last post I blogged about Avocado Face Packs, and you may find many of my recipes have Avocados, coz I simply love them so much. And it’s been a few months I m using Avocado oil in my skin care. I have been reading it’s benefits over internet for a long time, so I just thought of trying it out.

We cannot just follow one single product or skin care routine for life, right! We keep changing few things as per our skin requirements, seasonal changes etc. I like experimenting different natural products, coz you cannot just feed your skin with make up on daily basis just to look good. All you can give it is something that nutrients rich and natural, that is what I believe🙂.

Here are a few ways I tried using it, which yeah, helped me deal a few skin and hair issues. So, read along to know more about it. I am using here pure organic Avocado oil, you can find it anywhere, online and offline.

Avocado Oil As Natural Moisturizer

Avocado oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. If you want to take a break from market based moisturizers for sometime, you can definitely go for this oil. I have a very oily skin, and still I used it as a moisturizer. Because I had oily skin, I sometimes over washed it, and in turn my skin produced more oil.

Avocado oil

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But this time, when I used the oil itself as moisturizer, my skin looked good, it didn’t get more oily. I just applied about 2-3 drops of Avocado oil, massaged it over my face for a few seconds and using a facial tissue, blotted out the excess. After doing it for a week, I saw oiliness of my face reduce. And the dullness of my skin was also gone.

Avocado Oil As Night serum

I would definitely not leave anything which is full of chemicals on my face overnight. So, instead of going for any other Serum I was using Argan oil, and it’s also an excellent oil, now that I finished the bottle, I thought of trying this Avocado oil as night serum too.

Avocado oil

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Avocado oil is packed with Vitamin E and anti oxidants besides healthy fatty acids. These helps the skin to heal and restore it’s glow. Massage a few drops of it in outwards circular motion for few minutes after you cleansed your face at night. I even mixed it a few drops of sweet almond oil and orange essential oil. It helped my dull face look fresh and healthy.

Hot Oil Treatment With Avocado Oil

Mix in a tbsp of Coconut oil and a tbsp or two of Avocado oil in a heat resistant bowl. Depending on he air length, you can add a tbsp more to it. Heat the water in a pan and place this bowl, let the oil get warm. Check the temperature of the oil, then massage your scalp gently in circular motion for at least 15-20 mins. Oil your hair length wise too, till the ends.

Avocado oil

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After a good massage wrap it up in a hot towel. You can just soak the towel in warm water and remove the excess water and then wrap it. Or you can just dip the towel in cold water, remove the excess and put it in microwave for 15 seconds. Check the temperature of it , if you feel it okay, then wrap your hair in it for half an hour, the scalp and your hair, will absorb the oil and nutrients from it.

Wrapping up with hot towel, will lock the moisture in the hair. And hair will look more healthy and shiny.

I will not say, that I got miraculous results overnight, but definitely I could notice some improvement in my skin and hair texture.

Hope you enjoyed my blog😊.

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