Homemade chemical free lip balm for natural lip care


Homemade chemical free lip balm for natural lip care

Whether its summer or winter our lips need a special care. In summer our lips are more prone to sun exposure which make them dry and darker. And the cold weather in winter chapped lips is major problem. There are other factors too like chemicals used in lipsticks and parabens in many lip balms available in market, caffeine contained beverages make them dark and take away their moisture.

Pink rosy lips are desired by every women, and to beautify the lips many spends a lot on expensive treatments and surgeries. But some simple home techniques can also give you that beautiful pink lips. All you have to do is start caring!

The skin of the lips is very delicate it consists only three to five cellular layers, which is very thin compared to the skin on the face which has up to 16 layers. There are the cells which produce melanin pigment, this pigment is what gives the lips color. The light skin color contains fewer cells, and darker skin has more of these cells and hence the dark lips. And hence it becomes more essential to treat our lips gently.

Some simple lip care routine will help you get that glow.Two steps are to be considered important when it comes to lip care.


Scrubbing them removes the dead cells and giving them more life. It increases the blood circulation and helps develop new cells.

Brown sugar is great for scrubbing the lips plus they give a sweet aroma. Mixing brown sugar with other kitchen ingredients simply makes a wonder lip scrubs.

Brown sugar and honey- mix them both and scrub it on the lips.

Other variants are

Brown sugar and olive oil- Olive oil is enriched with natural vitamin E.

Brown sugar and butter- has great moisturizing properties

Brown sugar and lemon juice- helps lighten the lips.


Second step is moisturizing. Applying lip balm makes them retain the moisture and also protect them against harmful radiation. Also before applying the lip makeup like lip liners and lipstick prevents the lips darkening due to chemical presents in the lipsticks.

Lip balms are essential in daily lip care routine. They keep the lips hydrated and moist.

Also, drinking 8-10 glasses of water not only keeps the entire body in good health

lip balm

To make this lip balm you need

1.Beeswax 4 tbsp.

2.coconut oil 4 tbsp.

3.vitamin E oil 1 tsp

4.few drops Rose oil or any essential oil

How to prepare

In a heatproof bowl (Borosil glass bowl) add the beeswax and coconut oil and microwave for a minute till the mixture is melted. Then immediately add vitamin e oil and few drops of rose oil or any of your favorite essential oil. To give the lip balm color, you can add dried beetroot powder in the hot mixture and stir well. When it is completely mixed without any lumps then immediately pour it in lip balm container or you can use the finished old lip balm tubes or tins and refrigerate it or let the wax harden. And your homemade lip balm is ready!

lipbalm 2

Lip balm variations

You can use dark chocolate to give it chocolate color and chocolate smell and use it during winter which does wonders for your lips.

You can rose petals powder which gives the pink color to the lips.

You can experiment with different essential oils knowing their individual qualities like peppermint oil for freshness and fragrance.

Lavender oil for its fragrance and nourishing properties.

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