Get Radiant and Flawless skin with this amazing Rose face packs



Get Radiant and Flawless skin with this amazing Rose face packs

Roses are known for their beauty and that rosy glow and what if we get those beauty benefits from them. Rose essential oil and rose water both are very much used in beauty products because of the anti-oxidants loaded in them.

Roses have a beautiful fragrance and hence used in many perfumes. These perfumes are made from Rose oil which is a mixture of essential oils obtained from processing the petals. Rose water another popular product is prepared by steeping the rose petals in water, it contains distilled water and rose oil, is one of the common component found in cosmetic products. They also soothe and hydrates the skin, even roses are used in “Gulkand” a preservative made from rose and sugar, which is even used as Ayurvedic medicine and is best known to calm down the heat and acidity in stomach.

Just spraying the rose water on the face freshens it and gives a pinkish glow. Including roses or rose oil/rose water in skin care routine is great idea for gorgeous skin.

1. Acne scars reduction pack using Rose, Lemon juice and honey Researchers claims that Rose petals contains Vitamin A and C and this both the Vitamins are highly beneficial for healthy skin.

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To make this pack we need :

1.Rose petals paste 2 tbps

2.Lemon juice 1 tbps

3.Honey 1 tbps


Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C and is known to lighten the skin tone. And also decreases the occurrence of acne as it deeply cleanses the skin. Honey is best known for its moisturizing properties and researchers also claim honey has antibacterial properties too.

How to Prepare:

Wash the roses well and grind the rose petals to a fine paste. If possible try to use only the roses grown locally, these roses are small in size. Then add the other two ingredients and make a nice paste.

How to apply:

Just take the clean face pack applicator brush and apply the face pack in upwards movements starting from inside towards outside of the face. And then apply down to your neck.

2.Flawless glowing skin face pack using rose and papaya

Want to get ready with a beautiful natural glow? Here’s something you should do. Simple but very effective face mask gives you that beautiful rosy glow on your dull face.


To make this pack we need:

1.Rose petals paste 2 tbps

2.Papaya pulp 3 tbps


Roses softens and tones the skin and gives that pinkish natural glow.

Also roses are loaded with anti-oxidants which prevents the skin from damage caused by pollution, dust and sun damage.

Papaya is rich source of vitamin A, in addition to that it also contains vitamin C and minerals like potassium and sodium which gives that natural radiance.

How to prepare:

Just make fine paste of the properly washed rose petals and add the papaya pulp. As mentioned earlier try to use those locally grown small sized roses and use only the ripen papaya pulp. As per the research ripen papaya contain AHA, which is very good for skin.

How to apply:

You can apply it with your hands or with face pack brush, but make sure everything is clean! And then apply it on the face and neck in upward and outwards movements.


3.Oil free radiant skin with Rose, mutani mitti and orange peel powder face pack

Having oily skin have been the problem of many of us, constantly washing the face with soap or face wash can sometimes make the face dry and the skin is deprived of its essential nutrients which it could instead get from oils.

So, here’s this face pack could control the oil and also boost it with nutrients thus maintaining the pH balance.

face pack



To prepare this pack we need:

1.Rose petals paste 2 tbps

2.multani mitti or fuller’s earth 1 tbsp peel powder


Multani mitti or also known as fuller’s earth is very good for oily skin as it absorbs the excess oil from the skin very gently unlike soaps and face wash.

Orange peel contain high amount of vitamin C and thus brightens the skin making it more radiant.

Rose petals also act as sun block because of its anti-oxidant qualities.

How to prepare:

If you don’t get ready made orange peel powder you can just wash the orange peels and dry it in sun for 2 days and then grind it to fine powder. Then in a bowl just mix all the ingredients and make a fine paste, if the paste seems too thick just add a few drops of water.

How to apply:

Just apply it all over the face and neck avoiding the under eye area in upwards but outwards movements. Let it dry for 15 mins and then wash it off with water and pat dry skin. And you will definitely see the difference! Your skin much more radiant and oil free too.

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