Beauty And Health Benefits Of Wonderful Watermelon

Beauty And Health Benefits Of Wonderful Watermelon

Watermelon is a super yum fruit which keeps us cool and hydrated in scorching summer heat. Watermelon is a thirst quenching seasonal fruit which we find in market as the summer approaches. It is not only refreshing but has innumerable skin and health benefits. This fibrous fruit is packed with multiple nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, B, minerals like Potassium, Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium. 

Watermelon besides maintaining body temperature, helps to keep the skin beautiful and young. Watermelon can also replace multiple beauty products and bring out the inner glow naturally. Because of its astounding beauty benefits, many cosmetic companies started using its extracts in different products.

Beauty Benefits Of Watermelon

Dark circles remedy

Watermelon is loaded with nutrients and vitamins, when consumed internally keeps the eye healthy and helps reduce the dark circles. Also combining watermelon pulp and cucumber pulp and massaging the mixture under the eye brightens the skin and reduces dark circles. It also keeps the eye cool and relieves the tension.


Watermelon is packed with anti-oxidants, these anti-oxidants fights the free radicals that make the skin look dull and aged. It prevents the fine lines and wrinkles. Exposure to the Sun UV rays,dust,pollution makes the skin look oily,tired and tanned, and the skin looks aged. The powerful anti-oxidants from it makes the skin look bright and youthful.

To make Anti-aging face pack take 9-10 almonds and grind them to fine powder, now add Watermelon pulp and Organic Honey to it. Mix them well and apply it to your face and neck area.Leave for 20 mins and then wash it off with cold water. This face pack works wonderfully on the skin preventing lines and wrinkles.

Cleanser And Exfoliater

Watermelon juice can easily wipe out all the dirt and oil from the skin. Take chilled melon juice, dip a cotton ball and squeeze the excess. Now gently wipe your face with it. You can notice all the dirt and oil coming out on the cotton ball.

Combine two tablespoon of Watermelon juice with one tablespoon of Rice flour or Gram flour. And scrub your face gently in circular motion. This acts as a super exfoliater removing all the dead skin cells from the skin. It purifies the skin and makes it look fresh.

Natural Toner

Watermelon has astringent properties that tightens the pores. It also helps to reduce the appearance of large pores and skin looks even and firm. Cut out a cube out of it and keep it in freezer for 2 hours, it will become just like an ice cube, now massage this cube all over your face, this chilled cube will close the pores and tone the skin.

Acne cure

The high amounts of Vitamins present in Watermelon combats the acne causing bacteria and prevents acne. The Vitamin A and C together present in it reduces the acne scars and blemishes from the skin. It also removes the excess oil from the skin.

To make Acne clearing face pack take about 3 tablespoon of its pulp, add 1 tablespoon of gram flour,one tablespoon Honey  and Yogurt. Mix them well and apply evenly on face and neck. Leave for 15 mins and wash off with cold water. Apply this face pack thrice a week will definitely cure acne problem.

 Fresh Look Fruit Mask

Watermelon can be combined with other citrus fruits and forms amazing face packs which gives instant fresh look. Take about 2 tablespoon of melon pulp and extract the pulp of one Kiwi fruit, combine them and apply on face. Let it dry and then wash it off with water. You will notice beautiful glowing skin instantly.

Skin Brightening

For skin brightening face pack, combine one table sandalwood powder, one tablespoon Multani mitti or Fullers earth powder and two table spoon fresh watermelon juice. Mix them wall and apply it to the face. Let it sit for 15 min and then rinse off.

Health Benefits 

Weight loss

Watermelon consists 90% of water and is low in calories. And its packed with high amounts of nutrients, which makes it a wonderful fruit for health and aids in weight loss. It makes us feel full and keeps us away from food cravings. Have a cup of its cut pieces before lunch and at evening snacks time, it will keep full plus also boost the energy.

Hydrates The Body

Watermelon hydrates the body. It has essential salts and minerals that re hydrate the body. Its juice is equally refreshing and instantly boosts energy and restores the body fluids.


Watermelon is a fruit full of fibre. This fibrous fruit aids digestion and is light on stomach. It also improves the metabolism and also detoxifies the body and maintains pH level.  

Energy Booster

Watermelon is a great energy booster. It has natural sugars and carbohydrates and provides our body with essential minerals and Vitamins and electrolytes.

Watermelon is an amazing fruit with plenty of skin and health benefits, hope you find this information useful 🙂

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