Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Hello Beauties,

Today’s post is on some amazing beauty benefits of coconut oil. We all know how much popular coconut oil is, it’s almost available every where and has multiple uses. It’s used in cooking, Ayurvedic remedies, soaps and beauty products as well. It has wonderful nutrients and fatty acids that are very beneficial for skin and hair.

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Let’s check out how can we use this oil to enhance beauty as its safe and all natural. I always feel happy when I treat my skin, hair with all that is completely natural, free from chemicals. I always choose the one that is 100%pure, organic and cold pressed to get the maximum benefits.

Natural Body Moisturizer

Coconut oil has wonderful healing and moisturizing properties. It can heal the skin and add enough amount of moisturization to the skin. In summer, when we need something to sooth our skin and in winter to relieve our dry skin off itchiness and redness coconut oil can be of great use. Apply a generous amount of it to the knees, ankles,elbow, hands, legs. Coconut oil gets quickly absorbed into the skin and hydrates it.

Eyelash Serum

Now we all know what long eyelashes creates the magic! Always opting for artificial eyelashes may not always be a solution right? The nutrients and fatty acids in coconut oil can help the eyelash grow stronger and longer. Just dip the q tip in coconut oil and apply a coat or two of it to the lashes just before bed.

Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Coconut OilPic credits: Pixabay

For Strong & White Teeth

Have you heard of this term Oil pulling? It comes from Ayurveda, the oil can pull off the dirt and impurities from the gums and teeth, leaving them total clean, strong and white. All you have to do is swishing for about ten minutes daily with coconut oil. The anti bacterial properties of coconut oil will clean all the bacteria in the mouth, pull off the dirt and make teeth stronger.

Heals Cracked Heels

As I mentioned before the coconut oil has both healing, anti bacterial and moisturizing properties, it works magical to heal the cracked heels. Mix a tablespoon of it with tsp of aloe vera gel apply a thick coat to the heels. Wait for few minutes,let it get absorbed into the skin. Then wear on clean pair of socks before bed.

Cuticle Oil

Take a tsp of coconut oil and massage it gently into your cuticles. It can improve the cuticles and nails. It also protects the nails making them strong.

Natural Hair Defense

We all know UV rays are very harmful, and so we apply sunscreen to our skin, but our hair needs defense against these rays too. When we apply a thin coat of coconut oil, it may help protect the hair from UV rays and pollution.

Hot oil treatment with coconut oil can help to get thick and strong hair. Check here for effective hot oil treatment at home.

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