5 Effective face packs to clear acne and scars in just 15 mins


5 Effective face packs to clear acne and scars in just 15 mins

Want to go on a date or planned a party with friends but hiding yourself, feeling embarrassed and annoyed don’t know how to get rid of acne and its scars? Here are some face packs to clear acne and it really works!!

Acne clearing face packs

Acne is very common skin problem! First let us know how and why we get acne.. Our skin has pores, these pores are connected to oil glands which produces essential oil also called as sebum for skin nourishment. But when these pores get clogged because of dirt, dust, excess oil, and bacteria then pimple starts to develop.

Reasons for getting acne

Stress & Pollution

A child’s skin produces exact amount of oil required for nourishment and hence they never encounter acne problem, but when it comes to teenagers, they tend to produce more oil than required it is because of the hormonal changes which take place in that age. The acne problem generally reduces after crossing age of 20, but some may get acne even after 20s because of pollution, stress, medications.

Make up

Many a times we feel lazy to remove makeup from the skin properly after late night parties and functions. This remains of makeup on the skin blocks the pores and cause heavy or severe pimples. Some times the dead skin cells and sebum together are trapped in the pores and becomes thick and those spots are nothing but white heads if they are pigmented they are blackheads.


Poly cystic Ovaries Syndrome(PCOS) is another problem in which the women’s hormones are imbalanced which causes irregular periods and the worst acne too. There are wide variety of gels, ointments, creams available in market to treat acne. But try to deal with acne firstly using home remedies, in most of the cases they prove to be very effective and the best part they do not have any side effects. These chemicals have side effects such as dryness of skin, pigmentation, irritation, redness, peeling of skin etc and hence its very important to use them carefully. There are wonderful natural products available in our home and they really work wonders for skin.

Try these effective face masks to aid acne naturally, without any side effects.

1.Coriander(Cilantro) and Tomato face pack to clear acne

Coriander is commonly found in India, it’s a Mediterranean herb and is sprinkled on variety of Indian dishes and also used in western food.  It gives beautiful aroma to food. But also it does wonders for your skin. Quite surprising but it works great for acne and pimples. It is rich in minerals, vitamins beta-carotene which are good for health and skin too. And when combined it benefits with Tomato it heals the skin to get rid of acne and lightens the acne scars.

face pack


To make this pack we need

1. Coriander or Cilantro leaves 10

2.Tomato 2 small sized

How to prepare

Blend these two in the blender for 1 or 2 mins and then remove the paste in the bowl.

How to apply

First clean the face ad get rid of the dust, dirt and oil. Now on the clean and pat dry face apply the pack in outwards strokes with a soft and clean face mask brush, avoiding the under eye area. Leave it 15 mins then rinse it off with cold water. Applying this pack twice a week for 2 weeks will give that acne free skin.

You can also apply it just before bed and you can see that acne clear beautiful skin in morning


2.Chickpea flour (Besan or gram flour), Turmeric, Curd, Honey  face packs to clear acne

Chickpea flour or gram flour is used in the beauty regime in India from ages. This gram flour is super food for skin, enriched with nutrients and proteins helps cure the acne problem whether on face, shoulders or back.

Turmeric is anti-bacterial, anti-septic which fights the bacteria causing acne. Curd cleanses and tones the skin and honey moisturizes it. Together these nutrients enriched ingredients enhances the beauty and lightens acne scars.

face pack


To make this pack we need

1.Chickpea flour 4 tbsp.

2.Turmeric powder 1 pinch

3.Curd 2 tbsp.

4.Honey 1 tbsp.

How to prepare

Take a clean bowl and mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth paste without any lumps.

How to apply

First clean the face with water and pat dry. Then apply the pack all over face and neck. Let it stay for 15 mins till its completely dry. Now rinse it off with cold water. Apply this pack for 2 weeks at least 2 times.


3. Neem powder, Lemon, Honey acne clearing face pack

Neem contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties, and used in Neem baths.

Dried Neem leaves powder helps cure the acne, it fights the bacteria and also controls the oil on skin due it its excellent absorbing qualities. Neem oil is especially used in many beauty products in market. Lemon contains Vitamin C in high amounts and helps to brighten the acne scars and honey also has anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties. Together they make an effective face pack to fight acne.

To make this pack we need

1. Neem powder 4 tbsp.

2. Lemon juice 2 tbsp.

3. Honey 1 tbsp.

How to prepare

Clean the leaves, wash them well. Dry the Neem leave in sunlight for 2 days, when the leaves are completely dry then grind them to powder form and you can store this powder for future purpose. Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients together and make a fine paste.

How to apply

Clean the face and pat dry. Then apply the pack over face and neck and let it dry for 15 mins. Then rinse off with cold water. Apply this pack for 3 times a week.


4.Aloe Vera and lemon acne clearing face pack

Aloe Vera also has anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties which fights the acne. It also soothes the skin and reduces the skin irritation, redness and itchiness. It also removes excess oil from the skin and thus works great for acne prone skin. Lemon and aloe Vera together helps cure the acne problem.

To make this pack we need

1. Aloe Vera gel 3 tbsp.

2. Lemon juice 1 tbsp.

How to prepare

Very easy! In a bowl just mix these two and you are done!

How to apply

Wash the face and dry it with towel. Then apply this pack on face and neck and let it stay for 15 mins. Then rinse off with water. You repeat this for 2 weeks twice a week.


5.Fenugreek and Curd face pack

Fenugreek is enriched with natural minerals, proteins that heal the skin. It has many nourishing qualities but the most important is it helps in curing acne. It absorbs the excess oil from oil and avoids pimples. Combined with curd they fight pimple causing bacteria and protects the skin.

To make this pack we need

1. Fenugreek seed 2 tbsp.

2. Curd 2 tbsp.

How to prepare

Soak the fenugreek seeds in water overnight. The next day strain them and grind in grinder to for rich, thick paste. Take a bowl and mix this paste and curd together.

How to apply

First clean the face and then apply the pack all over face and neck. Let it dry for 15 mins and then wash it off with cold water.

We can apply this in night time just before going bed to get rid of acne. And result is beautiful glowing skin in the morning.

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