Style your nails everyday with easy and elegant nail art

Style your nails everyday with easy and elegant nail art designs

I have come to you with these easy and elegant nail art designs that you can do it yourself. No need to every time rush to a salon for getting nails done. Grab some colors and design nails yourself. And more ever I have not used any professional nail art tools here. It may be for work or outing or partying with friends choose your nail art and go. 

Simple white dots on Cobalt blue background

blue dots

Firstly apply a base coat on clean and filed nails. Then apply the Cobalt blue color as background. Then take some white color on the color palette and then using a pencil start making dots from the outer end of the nail. Closer dots towards the outer end of nail and then slowly spreading and dispersing towards the inner corner.  Be patient while applying the dots. And every time you dip the pencil in white color try to shed off the excess amount of color from it. Let it dry for at least 10 mins, when its completely dry them apply the top coat. And you are done. This design is cool for picnic or hang out on a beach 🙂 

Metallic nail art with silver lining

This nail art is wonderful for functions and celebration time. This looks glossy and striking.

silver lining

For this you need a peach color metallic nail color and some aluminium foil(used for packing  food). First things first, apply the base coat. Then apply the peach metallic nail polish. Apply the second coat if you feel. Let it dry completely. Cut the Aluminium foil into thin rectangular strips. Then using the tweezers place it to the nail ends and cut off the excess of the strips using scissors. Then apply a top coat to the nail and nail art is done.

Golden flowers nail art

gold flowers

This is super easy and beautiful nail art design best for evening parties. All you need is Black color and Golden nail polish,pencil, tooth pick and of course Base coat and top coat. Start with the base coat. Then apply Black nail polish if required apply the coat of it. Wait for some time to let it dry. Then take Golden color nail polish into palette and using a pencil apply dots to make formation of flower. Then using tooth pick spread the dots towards the inner one. And complete nail art with top coat.

Aqua dots nail art

nail art

This nail art is very easy and looks great for office and you can match it with a white top. Grab white color and aqua color nail polish,pencil and tooth pick. Color the nail with white nail polish to give a nice white background. Then take some Aqua color in palette and the using a pencil make dots all over the nails leaving the Ring finger. On Ring finger Reverse the colors, Aqua color as background and white dots over it. And using a tooth pick you can make a bow to jazz it up a bit.

Black dots with clear background

nail art

This nail art looks complex but is very easy to make. All you need is Black nail polish, tooth pick, scotch tape, scissors, top and base coat. Start with base coat. Then cut the scotch tape in rectangular strips and apply it to nails leaving the outer ends. Then apply the black nail color and let it dry. Once the color is dried the remove the strips of tape. And using tooth pick make dots in remaining portion of the nails. And let the dots dry off completely and then apply top coat. Don’t be in a hurry to apply top coat just after applying dots, as there is a possibility that dots make spread. And this beautiful nail art is ready. 

These nail art are elegant and super easy. I have not used any tools here which makes it more fun, so give it a try!

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  1. edward

    Pastel colors are ideal for spring. You can choose from pallet of plenty pretty soft colors that can look gorgeous on your nails.

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