Step By Step Tutorial – Water Marble Nail Art

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Have you heard of water marble nail art? If not, then no worries! My today’s post is about this beautiful nail art technique. Ok first let me give a small intro of it. In this technique you create a design by splashing few nail colors into water and then imprint them on your nails. Sounds simple? 🙂

Step By Step Tutorial – Water Marble Nail Art

Step #1 Clean Nails

Wipe clean your nails off any left over polish and dirt.

Step#2 Base Coat

Apply Base coat, and keep your nails protected against chemicals from nail polishes.

Step#3 Base Color

Pick any light color nail polish, so that water marble design looks clear. I have chosen white as base color here.

Step#4 Scotch Tape

Cover the surrounding area of your nail with scotch tape. Cut the tape into small pieces and stick around. This step is to lessen the after work of cleaning extra nail polish.

Step #5 Design

Into a clean small tumbler, take water, splash different color nail polishes one by one at the centre. Then using a toothpick, create design dragging the toothpick from centre to edges as shown in below swatch.

Step#6 Imprint on Nail

Dip your nail in water, in the side which design you want on your nail. Then using cue tip get rid of extra polish from water.
water marble

Step #7 Clean Edges And Top Coat

Clean the nail edges, if any extra polish is left. Then apply top coat, and your nail is ready with this beautiful water marble. Repeat the same for other nails, or you can make a combination of water marble on one nail and with plain color on others.
And don’t dishearten if you didn’t get water marble nail art perfect on the first go…second try you will succeed 😉
Let me know your views, I would love to know how this worked for you 🙂 Till my next post stay fit, look fabulous !!

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