Miss Claire French Manicure Kit Review

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Hey Beauties, today I have this cute little french manicure kit from Miss Claire for review. Miss Claire the brand many of you must be knowing, I find their lipsticks and lip gloss quite good, they fit in budget and are of great quality. This is the first time I’ve purchased something else, a manicure kit from this brand. I was really excited to try on this product.

I love to color my nails but when it comes to french manicure, the classic manicure always wins 🙂 And while drooling online, this little cute manicure kit caught my attention. So, if you are also a big fan of French manicure and love doing this girlie stuff yourself, this review is for you 🙂

Product Looks??

Miss Claire French Manicure Kit Review

Miss Claire French Manicure Kit Review

This product comes in cubic box packaging containing four little nail polish bottles a white, light pink, a gold and a top coat, along with 4 strips of nail tip stickers. The nail polishes are of good quality and texture, and they dry quickly.


Can be seen in swatch below.

Miss Claire French Manicure Kit Review

What’s it’s Price?

This comes for INR 410 for this entire kit where each nail polish bottle is of 9 ml.

How To Use?

  • Firstly, get your nails shaped with a file.
  • Clean your nails. Remove the previous nail polish, with the Remover.
  • Apply the Base coat.
  • Wait for a min, and then apply the Pink nail polish or Gold polish.
  • Once the Pink polish is dry, you can stick the nail stickers on the tip.
  • Now, apply the white nail polish to the tips.
  • Finally remove the stickers, and apply the top coat to retain your manicure for longer. And yeah!! You are done.

So, easy right? 🙂

My Thoughts On Miss Claire French Manicure Kit?

Miss Claire French Manicure Kit Review

This product was quite easy to use. And it gives a good french manicure anytime you wish. My first attempt wasn’t that great, it turned out to be little messy at the tips. The four nail polishes are good and dries quickly. The nail stickers provided are of great help, they make it easy to color the tips perfectly. Only thing which i felt was minus is that the quantity is very less.

  • The pink color is just to give very light pinkish tint to your nails.
  • Even the Gold color is not so heavy and it kinda gives a golden Glow to your nails. This is another option if you don’t want pink as base color.
  • The Top is just another clear polish to secure your manicure.
  • White polish is very opaque, which I liked, unlike the others where you have to sit and wait for a second and third coat of it to get a perfect nail tip.

What’s Good About It?

  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Fits in budget.
  • Nail polishes are good quality.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Just One coat is enough, need not require reapplication.
  • Nail tip stickers provided, make the process simpler.

What’s Not So Good About It??

  • Quantity.
  • Availability.

Any tips?

To lessen the stickiness of nail stickers, you can stick it anywhere first and then to your nails, so that they comes out easily from nails, without messing with the base color.

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