Lace Design Nail art Tutorial – Step by step at home

Lace Design Nail art Tutorial – Step by step at home 

lace design nail art


Beautiful and elegant Lace design nail art. This lace design is very easy. And here it is explained step by step and anyone can easily do it home without any tools. There are many Lace designs found in different variations and designs. And these beautiful lace designs can be used in nail art as well which makes it more amazing.

This nail art can be done using different colors. The background color or the base color and the lace design color should in contrast color to make it look more attractive. Can design your nails with this nail art for any occasion. It looks great for parties and celebration time and also looks cool even for office time. Lets begin this beautiful Nail art!

For this Lace Design nail art you need:

Here’s video of complete step by step procedure.

Coral or Peach color nail polish
Black nail polish
Top coat
Base coat
Thin fine and pointed brush

Lace Design Nail art Procedure

lace nail art

Always apply Base coat first to the nails to protect them from chemicals and staining. Try to invest in a good and quality Base coat, as this is the most important part of nail art or manicure. Constantly applying nail polish, glitter and acetone remover makes nails brittle and they become very weak and break easily and more often.
Then second step is to apply the Coral or Peach colored nail polish as Base color for our nail art. Apply second coat of this color after a while to give it more rich look. Once the color is perfectly dry, then using a Fine pointed brush start making lines with Black nail polish. Take some amount of Black nail polish in a palette. Then draw very small strokes of brush making straight lines at first. This makes the base for the delicate and detailed design.
At the top design is Circle, semicircle with a dot. Or a circular interlinked rings.
Then comes straight lines, with “X”  or cross design in between.
And finally making “U” design with dot in it. This completes the look of the lace design. Take a break for 5-6 mins and let the design dry completely, 
Finish the design with Top coat.  And your nail art is ready!!


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