White Stripes With Red Rose Nail Art Design

Hello Beauties,
Here’s Gray-white stripes nail art with a pretty red Rose painted. This nail art goes well with regular,office style and also with casual,sporty look. Style it the way you want!

For this nail design you will need

  • Top and Base coat
  • Gray matte nail polish
  • White nail art striping tape
  • Nail clipper/cutter/scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Red, White,Green nail polish
  • Precision brush

#1 Base Coat and Base Color

Start with the base coat over clean nails. Then apply a coat of Base color here Base color will be Gray. Let it dry.

#2 Adding white stripes

You need to cut the small strips of white nail art striping tape and stick it properly on to nails using tweezers. The stripes should be at equal distance, should not overlap.
Don’t worry about the extra length of the stripes. Once the stripes are correctly attached to the nails, then go for a coat of clear nail polish to secure them more perfectly.


#3 Ring Finger Design

For this finger, lets create the stripes differently. Here i have left a one corner without stripes for the floral design.


#4 Rose Design

For Rose design, take some red and white nail polish on to palette. Using precision brush first just make a red circle, then using white polish make arcs that resemble petals. And make leaves with green which is very easy.

nail art

#5 Final Touch

Secure the design with top coat. I have used here white nail art tape, you can even draw white stripes using precision brush if you are good at it 😉

This design is easy, but takes lil time! The white striping tape stays for about 4 -5 days.

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