Festive Nail Art Designs

Festive Nail Art Designs


Hello everyone!

Here are two beautiful nail art designs perfect to compliment your festive look! As we are busy with festivals work decorating our homes, playing a perfect host and too much other stuff. And in this tight schedule we love to have beautiful nails but no time 🙁 So, keeping this in mind I have got two quick nail art designs.

Nail Art Design #1


nail art dots

dots nail art

dots nail art

For this nail art all you need is Black nail polish,White nail polish, toothpick and Top coat -Base coat. Color the nail with Black as the background color after applying Base coat. Start making dots from any corner of the nail like here i have started from the bottom left side corner.

Start with the brighter shade, then for next level mix a bit of black nail polish so that you get a little dark shade. This way complete the nail art and you get all the shaded dots over Black polish and this nail art looks to classy. Finally apply a Top coat and finish the nail art.

Nail Art Design #2


Pearl Nial art

peral nail art

This is very easy pearl nail art. We can easily get pearls in any decoration stuff store. Here we need is half pearls those that are used in making imitation jewellery, blouse designs etc.

Start with Base coat, then color Indigo Blue as Base color. Apply two coats of it. Once it is dry, drop a dot of clear polish at the center of the nail, using a tweezer place the pearl  on it, and gently press the pearl against the nail, so that it is perfectly stuck on to the nail. Lastly make the white dots using a toothpick in a curve to make nail art interesting. And you are done! Hope you like these festive nail art designs 🙂

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