Easy Halloween Nail Art Design

Hi girls,

Happy Halloween!! I have got new nail art design for your Halloween party. Its easy and fun. Lets also get our nails ready along with costumes. And painting nails is what every girl loves! its kind of relaxation 😀 lol.

So, i have got this scary monster Halloween nail art design. I have given a step by step procedure below. And one small tip here, if you have got Neon colors or Radium glow in dark then definitely use them here, they will add more fun and thrill 😉

Halloween Nail Art

#1 Base Coat

Very first and important step- apply base coat. This acts as a shield for nails and protects nails against harsh chemicals from nail polish and breaking.

nail art

#2 Base Color

I am using a matte gold polish as a base color, just to make the design of scull stand out.

nail art gold

#3 Draw Oval Green Face

Now its time to get your hand at real painting. Just make a simple oval shape using green color. I have used here emerald green you can choose and shade of green you like. Sorry i couldn’t catch the clear swatch here 🙁

nail art green

#4 Shaping Eyes And Teeth

Using a pointed sharp thin nail art brush make eyes and teeth as shown below using Black and White nail polish.

nail art complete

nail art complete

#5 Top Coat

Finally secure the design with Top coat and you are all set for the party.

Hope you like this nail art and please do share your views, we would love to hear it from you 🙂 Till next post, stay fit and look fabulous!

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