Dazzle Up Your Manicure With Gold Foil Nail Art

Dazzle Up Your Manicure With Gold Foil Nail Art
Hello Beauties,
Classic gold nail polish always goes with any outfit weather an ethnic or Western and that’s why it’s most liked too. But today’s nail art is not with gold polish but gold foil which will make it look more glamorous and sparkling.

Have you ever tried it? No worries if you haven’t here’s a complete step by step procedure. It’s simple and you can combine it with any color polishes light or dark, both works great with it.
Basically, you need a gold foil for this manicure and it’s easily available online. This foil is very very thin and you need tweezers to carefully transfer it to your nail. So, let’s get started!☺.

Dazzle Up Your Manicure With Gold Foil Nail Art

Step #1 Clean up your nails

Just get rid of any left over nail polish with the Remover.

Step #2 Base Coat

Apply a Base coat as it will protect the nails from chemicals present in the nail polish.

Step #3 Base color

You can choose any base color of your choice. As I mentioned before that any color goes well in this nail art. Here I m going to go with Black color. I totally love this combo of black and gold.

Step #4 Working With The Gold Foil

Firstly make sure whether you want to get the foil to the entire nail or just add in randomly few gold pieces.

In case you want to apply the foil to the entire nail, then apply another coat of Base color and immidiately press the foil over the nail. This will make the gold foil stick on to your nail. Now gently using a brush remove the extra foil from the nail edges.
Dab your fingers in water, if the foil keeps sticking to the fingers.
And to just add a few pieces to the nail. Cut out a few pieces out of the foil roughly using tweezers. Now apply a coat of polish and stick these piceces over. Press them gently using a brush.
Give them some time to stick and finally apply a top coat to secure your manicure. And yeaahh!! You are done☺.
I love this gold foil over Purple,Black, Baby Pink, and even the neutral shade. I tried out it on matte Purple color well, and it looks fabulous!

Do let me know your favorite!

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