Casual Matte Gray Nail Art Designs

Casual Matte Gray Nail Art Designs

Hello Beauties!

Here I am again with some new nail art ideas – Casual Matte Gray Nail Art Designs. In these nail art you will find the Base color is kept the same that is matte gray. I don’t know why but I loved this matte gray color. It just looks so beautiful and interesting on any skin tone, may it be dark or fair. And to make it more interesting and eye catching I have added some designs to it. These designs I cannot say will go with your party wear but just are great for your casual everyday look, or to make some boring office look cool 🙂

Silver Triangle Nail Art

triangle nail art

For this nail art, start with Base coat, then apply Gray matte color as the Base color. Then using a thin nail art brush form a triangle. Or you can use tape, to draw a triangle with Black polish. Once that is dry and good, using a sponge, dab some silver glitter polish on to it. Now gently press the sponge against the Triangle. You can repeat this repeat twice or thrice until you get perfect glitter in the triangle. You can apply top coat to give finishing touch, but here i have left it without top coat, coz of the matte gray base color. 

Step 1

matte gray base color

Step 2

matte gray nail polish

Step 3

sponge color

Step 4

triangle nail art

Black & White Mesh Nail Art

mesh nail art

Get ready with the matte gray polish, then grab a thin pointed nail art brush. Start making straight lines, vertical and horizontal. If you are not that good in drawing straight lines with polish, don’t worry. Got a scotch tape? Cut it into thin strips length equal to your nail. Now stick onto nail at equal spaces and draw lines first vertical, once they are dry then horizontal.

Lastly you need to make white and black squares randomly. For this simple technique is to take a toothpick and make 4 dots at intersection of lines(+) and join the dots, this make it a square. So, make Black and white squares randomly.

Step 1 Apply Base color matte gray polish.

Step 2

nail art lines

Step 3

mesh nail art 2

Diagonal Hearts Nail Art

hearts nail art

This is a very simple nail art design. All you need to do is get some toothpick, make it blunt to get big dots out of it. Once your base color gray is dry and ready, then take orange or Red nail polish in to palette.

Using toothpick, first draw two dots side by side, then drag it down to get a heart shape. Draw hearts into a diagonal. I have used here Orange color to make hearts. You can try using Red polish, this will give more attractive look. Finally finish it using top coat or Matte coat to get different variations.

heart nail art

hearts nail art 2

Hope you enjoyed these Casual Matte Gray Nail Art Designs 🙂

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