Black and Gold Henna nail art design step by step

Black and Gold Henna nail art design step by step

Henna design nail art step by step

Every girl loves to do her nails. Nails are her inseparable jewel. Its not just about coloring the nails anymore. Its about making a statement, art and passion. Here’s one more beautiful Henna nail art design step by step . This is Henna inspired nail art design.

Henna or Mehendi is quite famous in Indian and other Asian countries. Henna design mainly consists of Outer bold design – Which may be Mango, leaves, roses, flower etc. And these big Outer design is then filled with very delicate “Fillers” (arcs, circles decorated with small detailed design). 

In this nail art I have used one of the filler design, filler designs are very simple.

For this Henna nail art design step by step we need

Henna design nail art step by step

  • Top coat
  • Base coat
  • Black nail polish
  • Golden Acrylic color
  • And Ultra Fine- pointed brush

How to make Black and Gold Henna nail art design step by step

 Firstly apply Base coat to the nails. Base coat protect the nails from the chemicals and stains from nail polish. Once the Base coat is done, then apply the Black nail polish as Base color for our nail art design. Let the Black polish dry completely. Don’t be in a hurry, because if the polish is not dried, then it will be very difficult to make the design. Also there is a chance of mixing of colors and spoiling the design.


For the design take some Golden Acrylic color in a palette. With Acrylic colors its easy to make design and they don’t dry very quickly as compared to nail polish. Now take a very fine and pointed brush. 

First place a dot in a corner of the nail, then surrounding it make two arcs. Then fill the arcs with small lines connecting those two arcs. Then draw another arc and then make flower design using inverted “U” as shown in the pic. Again fill the Flower design with dots. Then draw another arc to complete the design.

nail art

Wait for 2-3 mins, and let the color dry. Then apply top coat and secure the design. And your nail art is ready. This beautiful design is great for functions, festivals and celebration time. You can make different variations in this nail art by making different filler designs and using different background colors.

Henna design nail art step by step

Tip 1 – Use a dark background and light color for the design make it matching with your festive dress and look the coolest..!

Tip 2 – Add a drop of water, to the Acrylic color to make it thin, and then paint, it will make job a lot easier


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