Beautiful Nail Art Designs Using Toothpick

Beautiful Nail Art Designs Using Toothpick


Hello Beauties,

It been a long time I haven’t blogged about nail art designs. And so I have got two beautiful nail art designs. These nail art designs not only look fabulous but also they are very very easy. And the most important tool you need for this DIY nail art is…? Don’t worry on hearing the word “tool” its just the TOOTHPICK 🙂

When it comes to nail art just making some design is not all. You need to take proper care of your nails in the process or you will end up damaging them. Trim your nails regularly and keep them clean. Always apply a Base coat before you apply any nail polish. While removing the nail polish use a good quality nail color remover and be very gentle on them.

Beautiful Nail Art Designs Using Toothpick #1

Step By Step Procedure – Nail Art #1

  • Clear the nails with nail polish remover in case if any polish is left over.
  • Start with the Base coat, then apply a coat or two of it.
  • Choose any base color, here i have chosen a nude color. Let it dry for a min.
  • Take Dark Brown color and apply a thick line at one edge of the nail.
  • Next to the Dark Brown line draw another Gold color thick line.
  • Drag the a thin line using toothpick starting from lined edge and drag it towards the other end.
  • Finish the nail art with Top coat.

nail art


Nail Art Design #2

nail art design


Step By Step Procedure – Nail Art #2

  • Apply two coats of Base coat, let it dry for a min.
  • Apply white as the Base color of the nail art.
  • Draw three thick Blue color nail polish lines.
  • Using tooth pick drag thin lines over it making it a zig zag pattern as shown below.
  • Finally finish the nail art with application of top coat.

nail art collage


And your super easy and quick nail art designs are ready. Chose contrasting colors matching with your dress and accessories and get yourself a glamorous look.

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