Fight stress and get good health with meditation

fight stress

Fight stress.We are so busy in life that we have actually forget to live! The real meaning of life.. and to enjoy it.. Busy schedules, work pressure, loads of work and finally most of us feel stressed at the end of the day! “STRESS” is most frequently used word now-a-days. Students are stressed to get good score in exams and projects. Adults are stressed about the family needs, kids, health, financial problems, official problems and the list goes on.. In this whole thing are we really living & enjoying life? Even after tackling these day to day problems, we are so frustrated, irritated, feel stressed out. So, learn to fight stress and get good health with meditation.

There are hundreds of things going on in our mind at the same time. We keep worrying about future and our mind loses its energy in these kinds of unnecessary thoughts. Sometimes thinking about the things that are uncertain, we strain ourselves mentally that we feel depressed. Most of us have the habit of assuming things and consequences before that thing actually happens. The problem may be very small, but we make it very big in our thoughts and it takes the form of fear, anxiety.

To overcome stress and impatience, fear and anxiety the main mantra/secret is “MEDITATION“.

Fight stress and get good health with Meditation

fight stress

Yes! Meditation. Practiced from over many centuries by yogis, saints, preachers. Meditation is the most important technique to calm down our wandering mind. There may be many of problems in our life, but just thinking of them and fearing those problems will fetch us nothing. Instead controlling our mind to form constructive solutions to the situation/problems will definitely give to confidence. This confidence will in turn will energize us give us motivation, satisfaction, happiness and joy.

With mediation we will gain the focus that we had lost, think constructively, concentrate, and relax our mind. Mediation is very much important for every human being. It strengthens our faith, raises our hope, changes negativity into positivity and brings back joy in our life. At least spending 15 mins for meditating is enough!

Basic things to consider before meditation

The best time to meditate is early in the morning. But there is no restriction on timing. One may meditate at any convenient time.

The surrounding must be neat and clean.

The surrounding must be calm and quiet.

One must sit in comfortable posture but the neck,back,waist and backbone must be in erect position.

One may even meditate in night, before going to bed. It will help in getting sound sleep.

Do it every day. Make it a habit. Spend at least 10 mins.

Step by step process of Meditation

fight stress

Posture or Asanas

The state at which the body is comfortable and at ease and motionless. Sit still.

“Padmasan” is the most common and easiest posture. Sit on mat, on the ground. Fold the legs such that the left foot is on the right thigh and right foot is on the left thigh. Place both the palms on the knees opening upwards. Place the index finger on the thumb joint. The remaining three fingers should be stretched straight downwards.


This nothing but concentrating on our breathing. After sitting into “Padmasan”. Close your eyes. And start observing the breathing process( Inhalation and exhalation). How the air runs through our nostrils to lungs and how is breathed out. This concentration prepares our mind for meditation.

Observing our thoughts

A number of thoughts come in our mind per second. Thoughts should be stopped. It may be difficult, but daily practice will help.

Streamlining of thoughts

We often struggle to get over thoughts of the problems that are very important for us to deal and need immediate attention. If such thought are disturbing us, then just streamline those thoughts that after these 15 mins we will definitely look into. So that mind will remain cool and will be able to concentrate.

Giving up thoughts

When you slowly start giving up thoughts one by one. Your mind is calm. And you will find real peace and silence. Your body and mind will feel light and relaxed.


We need to continue concentrating on our breathing. Concentrating on inhalation and exhalation will help us from distraction.


Finally we reach the stage where we feel our body, mind and soul as one unit. We feel relaxed and happy from within and will be able to fight stress.

There are many different postures and different ways to meditate, you can practice any of them. The above described is just one way, easy way of meditating.

fight stress

Benefits of meditation

  • Meditation improves balance and concentration of mind.
  • It helps to fight stress. 
  • It helps in thinking constructively.
  • Helps to overcome fear and anxiety and depression.
  • It enhances confidence and self esteem.
  • It relaxes our mind and body.
  • Helps in gaining focus and improves memory power.
  • Improves our decision making ability and problem solving power.
  • Lessens tensions and worry.
  • Motivates us to lead a peaceful and happy life.

So,fight stress and get good health with meditation and enjoy many other benefits.

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