Drink water from Copper jar and reduce weight easily and quickly

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Drink water from Copper jar and reduce weight easily and quickly

Yes! You read it right..You can reduce wight just by drinking water, the water stored in copper jar. Copper utensils were used in India since ancient times, you may have seen your granny using them, ever wondered why? These ancient traditions had great value and had proper reason behind it, may be the then people were not doctors nor they had many degrees, but they had knowledge and wisdom about food and metals. And today, we drink water from plastic bottles, which is absolute worthless. Drinking water has many benefits to our body and skin, and why not add some more benefits just by storing it in copper jar. In our busy life we all love things that are easy and quick without much hassle. So, this is one quick and easy thing you can do, just buy a copper jar, you can easily get in the market.

How water from Copper jAR helps in weight loss

When you store the water in copper jar it makes the water positively charged. Remember your chemistry lessons in school? And to let this happen you need to keep the water in copper jar overnight. I have been drinking this water for more than 1 year now, and can say that it really works! It has great importance in Ayurveda, you can see this in many Ayurveda healing centers, any time you happen to visit any center don’t forget to ask them, they will give you a big list of advantages! Now a days many of the restaurants have started this tradition of serving water in copper jar and glasses and its added with Tulsi or mint leaves in it.

This water has great detoxifying properties, it flushes out all the fats,waste, toxins from your body, and improve your metabolism and thus helps in reducing the weight.
Copper water has anti-oxidant properties so helps in fighting the wrinkles and fine lines and aging problems. Copper has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, which help you keep the diseases away. I used to often suffer with the acidity problem, and from when i started drinking this water acidity problem has reduced so much. So it has all these health benefits.

How to start

Now that you have decided to buy the copper jar, then first question is where to buy and how to choose. You can easily get it in steel and kitchen ware shops in Indian markets. When you find one, check whether its in orange color, remember the bright orange wires in the electrical cables and instruments? All the wires have the copper in them, so that is exactly the color you should look for. It may be a bit expensive but its really worth buying!

Then you can just wash the new jar with water and the filled it completely, let it stay overnight and then first thing in morning is you can have this water. As per the Chinese tradition, its good if you drink water without brushing it, the saliva that we have before brushing helps greatly in flushing out the toxins out of body.
Again a bit of advice over doing anything is not good, so just have two glasses in the morning and that’s enough. Drink this water for minimum of 2 months to see the change in your health and weight. Yes this is not that instant in aiding weight loss as compared to other diets, but then its the simplest and easiest and again you are not starving.

Only problem

Only problem with this is the cleaning part. When it comes to cleaning part you need to be patient as it takes times to clean and make it shine. Copper turns green after 2 or 3 days its the metallic nature, as it gets oxidized. And so its important to clean it every 2 -3 days. But the trick is to use lemon and salt together or tamarind in short the citric substances to clean it. Once you clean it wipe it with cloth and make it dry and use it again.

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