Detox drink for cleansing your body and instant fat burning

Detox drink for cleansing your body and instant fat burning

Detox drink

Detoxification is now-a-days very popular, you may hear it often from any health expert or dietitian. Even in many health programs running on TV. Its very much important process for our well being. So, what exactly is “Detoxification” and what is Detox drink?

Detoxification meaning

Detoxification simply means to get rid all the toxic materials from the body. Cleanse the body of all the waste material that is not beneficial or is disturbing the functions of body. Digestion is one of the most important functions of the body. Sometimes some of the food items we eat, may disturb this function, causing gas, acidity, stomach pain etc,. These food items may contain toxins. We often crave for junk food, instant foods but they tend to contains trans fat, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors these may contains variable amount of toxins in it. Processed and packaged food, canned food items have to go through lot of processing which reduces the nutritional value of the food items. If the packaging material is not quality material, may combine the food item with toxins. It can upset the stomach and interfere in digestion process.

How detoxification works

Thankfully nature has provided us with various natural products that can help our body to flush out the toxins. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are easy to digest and also help the body to remove the toxins. And during this process the stubborn fat which was a nightmare to get rid off is also easily burned. So, have more and more of the fruits and green leafy veggies in your diet. Water is another great thing that has the major share in detoxification and improving the digestive process. And the best way to detox your body is to use “Detox drink”, or “Detox water ” is combination of certain fruits, veggies which greatly help to eliminate the toxins and fat when combined with water.

Detox water

detox water


Detox drink/water is nothing but a jar of water which is infused with most beneficial enzymes and nutrients from fruits and veggies and herbs. Drinking this water for at least one week continuously instead of plain water will amazingly the burn the fat eliminate the toxins. Just in a jar we need to put these sliced fruits-veggies and let them settle for an hour or two before consuming so, that the water gets infused, and then have it before and after every meal and snack. And the great thing about it is this water is very delicious and you will love to drink it every now and then.

Detox water recipe

detox water


Here’s a simple but very effective to cleanse the body and also it will burn the worst ever fat in the body. All you need to make this wonder drink is

  1. Orange 1/2
  2. Amla or Indian gooseberry 2
  3. Lemon 1
  4. Tulsi leaves 4-5
  5. Ginger 1 inch length
  6. Glass jar
  7. drinking water

Slice of the Orange and Lemon and Amla as shown in the photo. Peel off and cut the ginger length wise. Place this in the clean glass jar and add water to it and Voila! Your detox dink is ready, but wait for 2 hours. Let these ingredients show their magic, by infusing the nutrients, enzymes, and make drink delicious.  If its summer time you can even refrigerate it and it will give you a refreshing drink. Taking away all your tiredness. For a change you can even add a few mint leaves instead of ginger.


Detox drink benefits

Oranges and Lemons– They are great sources of vitamin C, and they have ability to flush our the toxins. It improves the digestion too.

Ginger– it helps in burning the fat,its a natural pain reliever. It also helps in digestion and improves the taste and reduces the acidity problem.

Tulsi– its a great herb, its has abundance of health benefits. Its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties helps to improve the immunity and resistance. Its helps fight against common cold and other health problems which comes with weather changes.

Amla/ Indian gooseberryAmla is a rich source of vitamin C, in addition to that its good for digestion, skin and hair, and good blood purifier too.

So, have around 6-8 glasses of this wonderful detox water and cleanse your body, burn fat and enjoy refreshing taste.

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