Monsoon Hair Care Tips To Stop Hair Fall

Monsoon Hair Care Tips To Stop Hair Fall


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Monsoon arrived and brought us a ton of relief from the scorching summer heat. Monsoon brings back the life to nature, turning the otherwise gray dull land into scenic green. Enjoying the cool breeze and light showers. Hot pakkodas and a cup of tea we welcome monsoon. Beautiful long drives away from the chores of city life and why monsoon shouldn’t be everyone’s fave?

And then comes the down side of it 🙁 Monsoon brings along a lot of humidity, and this can ruin our hair. Due to humid climate, our hair and scalp gets wet grows the bacteria leading hair fall, dandruff and itching. Even the rain drops has lot of chemicals and germs. And hence it is utmost important to protect your hair from humidity. A special hair care is essential during monsoon. Get drenched in rain but don’t let the monsoon spoil your hair. If you take care of few simple things then monsoon will never bother you 🙂

Monsoon Hair Care Tips To Stop Hair Fall


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Wash your hair soon after getting drenched

Nothing gives more happiness than getting drenched in rain. And sometimes we accidentally get drenched. But most important thing to
do next is to wash the hair properly, so that all the dirt and germs are eradicated from the scalp and hair.

Diet changes

What goes in matters a deal for your hair. So cut down your coffee to half, caffenine in it dehydrates the hair to great extent. Try to have more
amount of proteins in the diet. Proteins is what the hair follicle is built up of, so the more the protein the richer the hair texture. Have 2-3 lit
of water everyday, it keeps hair healthy.


Change your shampoo

Go for a protein rich shampoo which is very mild. Monsoon brings dryness to hair and to manage the frizzy traces its good to opt for mild one.
Also you can alternate it with an anti-dandruff shampoo if you feel the scalp itchy.

Invest in a good quality conditioner

Conditioner plays a very important role dealing with frizzy dry hair caused by monsoon. A good conditioner brings softens the frizzes and
makes the hair manageable. It also helps in de tangling the hair and therefore reducing the hair breakage.

A wooden wide toothed comb

Hair can be easily de tangled using a wide tooth comb, but a plastic comb comes with a lot of friction. Especially in a damp weather, friction
is more thus pulling out more hair.

Keep your hair dry

Don’t step out with wet hair and don’t tie wet hair, wet hair attracts lot of bacteria and germs and then giving birth to many hair problems. After hair wash dry your
hair completely. Its always good to towel dry the hair but when in hurry you can blow dry at min heat level.


Oiling is a great way to keep hair healthy and strong. Not only monsoon but for any season oiling is great for hair. Oiling improves the
blood circulation to scalp and provides essential nutrients to it. Go for cold pressed coconut oil or seasame oil, they provide deep
conditioning and adds volume to traces after wash.


Hair pack

Hair pack is again a good way to remove all the dirt from the scalp and rejuvenate it. You can mix egg white, aloe Vera and few drops of pure
sweet almond oil. Apply it to the hair sections one by one and let it sit for 20 mins and then wash off. This mask is a protein rich hair mask
with the goodness of aloe Vera and protein packed eggs. It nourishes the hair and scalp.
Another alternative is to go for Neem powder, honey and yogurt. This mask reduces itching and dandruff problem. Neem has anti-bacterial
anti anti-fungal properties which detoxifies the scalp. Whereas yogurt and honey provides proteins and other nutrients.

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