Hair care tips to stop hair fall


hair fall tips

Hair care tips to stop hair fall

Simple hair care tips, which can really help you stop hair fall. Some little changes in the routine can prevent hair fall problems you experienced since years. Try it and see the result yourself!

Drying and combing

  1. Use always a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair, these combs work easily without pulling out your hair strands from roots.
  2. Be very gentle while combing the hair, always start from tips/ends of the hair and then reach the roots, it will easily detangle hair preventing hair breakage.
  3. Using a hair serum after hair wash on wet hair is the best option. It will provide the hair shine, make them manageable plus help in detangling the hair.
  4. After hair wash always first towel dry your hair, avoiding dryers for hair drying will be more beneficial. Direct blow drying hair will make them frizzy and leave them dry.



  1. Always use hair protectant sprays before using iron stylers, even though they are coated with ceramide, they still can damage hair.
  2. If you are using the hair styling sprays or powder sprays in your hair to set the hair. Then wash off the hair very next day as leaving them in the hair or scalp will cause dandruff problem and dry scalp.
  3. Cover your hair with scarf when going out in sun to prevent hair from sun exposure. Harmful UV rays coming out of sun can leave them lifeless and dull, making them dry.
  4. Do not tie the wet hair tightly with an elastic or band, many of us are in a hurry in the morning, and just tie up our wet hair and continue with our work but wet hair are more delicate and they tend to break quickly.



  1. Try to use herbal shampoos, herbal shampoos are free from chemicals and hence they do not cause much harm to our hair and cleanse them gently.
  2. Use the conditioner only to the tips of the hair or till mid length, do not apply it to the scalp or near the scalp. Conditioners can cause dandruff or they may cause other scalp problems if applied to scalp even though you wash it afterwards.


  1. Oiling the hair is great way to provide nourishment to the scalp. So oil your hair at least twice a week, whether your scalp is oily or dry you should definitely oil your scalp.
  2. If your scalp is oily, then try some light, non greasy oils, there are lot of oils available in the market. You can read it may help you in choosing the oil.
  3. Get your hair trimmed every three months to allow hair growth. As trimming the hair will cut off the splits and make them grow properly. Just 1 cmm is enough to trim.


  1. Use protein hair masks at least twice a month to maintaining the healthy keratin coating of the hair and strengthening of the hair.



  1. Eat green leafy vegetables, they are enriched with vital nutrients and minerals that are essential for hair growth. Try to include a cup of boiled leafy veggies on daily basis.
  2. Have a handful of nuts everyday they have vitamin E and Omegas which are great for hair nourishment. Almonds and walnuts are best option, try to include them in your breakfast.



  1. While going to bed, tie your hair very loosely so that the hair strands wont be pulled up or break.
  2. Massaging the scalp either with oil or without oil daily in the night for minimum of 5 min will increase the blood circulation and help in hair growth and will also help in getting sound sleep quickly.
  3. Eat fruits daily, fruits have many vitamins and minerals they help greatly in providing nutrients to hair.

muesli with fruits


  1. Hair are made up of proteins, so try to have protein rich food in your lunch and dinner. They help strengthen the hair, prevents hair fall and thicken the hair.
  2. Sleep is another important factor, have at least 6 hours of sound sleep, sleep may not effect the hair directly. But sleep is important to fight the stress problem and body functioning, when you have less stress , you tend to have less hair fall.

So, these were simple tips, there no hard tasks, simple things you can take care of on daily basis.

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