Biotique Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum For Falling Hair Serum Review

Biotique Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum For Falling Hair Serum Review
Hello Beauties,
I am back with one more hair product review and this time I have a hair serum. It’s the Biotique Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum For Falling Hair. I have been always particular about my diet, but still recently I noticed lot of hair fall, any change in place, change in sleeping time and also stress effects my skin and hair so much, and I was looking for some hair strengthening hair product.

If you have been reading me then you know I always prefer the chemical free natural products over anything. And this time too I wanted something natural yet effective to fight my hair fall issue. When I found this serum which read “Vitalizing Serum For Falling Hair ” plus “100% botanical extracts, I knew I was going to try it out ๐Ÿ˜Š. Keep reading to know more about it and more importantly does it fulfills its claims!

Product Looks/Packaging?

The product comes in a typical Biotique packaging. The semi transparent cylindrical bottle with a green colored screw open cap. The bottle is then housed in a thin carton box which has all the details.
Hair serum
The hair serum is a thin water like liquid in the color of wood. It has the strong herbal smell with mint notes, but it’s tolerable.

What The Product Says?

Mountain Ebony is a precious, magnificently flowering, hardwood tree that is prized for its stimulating and healing properties. This intensive serum is blended with pure extracts of mountain Ebony, long pepper, glycyrrhizin and the euphoria tree, to promote new and healthy hair growth. Stimulates hair, from root to tip, and leaves scalp feeling toned, exhilarated, free from dryness and irritation.
Hair serum

  • Organically pure.
  • Preservatives free.
  • Dermatologist tested for safety.
  • No animal testing.

What Are It’s Ingredients?

It contains Kachnar stem- 2%, Pudina oil -1. 5%, Kusumbhi oil – 0.5%, Neem bark-1%, Pippali fruit -0. 5%, Mulethi Stem-2%, purified waterQ. S.

What Is It’s Price?

It costs INR185 for a bottle of 120ml. It has got a shelf life of 3 years from the date of mfg.

Where To Buy?

You can buy it online on or or Amazon etc and it’s even easily available in local beauty stores and Supermarkets.

How To Use?

Apply a small amount to dry scalp. Massage in gently with circular motions. Leave on and style as desired.

My Thoughts On Biotique Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum For Falling Hair

I have finished using more than 1/4 of the bottle. I loved the way the serum got absorbed so quickly into my scalp. It’s got a watery consistency and is very very light. I applied it before bed time, it didn’t make hair or scalp greasy or oily. It had a strong mint and herbal smell which might be obviously due to the Ayurvedic ingredients but it faded away in few minutes.
Hair serum
The packaging seemed very classic nothing new or fancy, but definitely travel friendly, the cap was tight enough to secure the liquid. The most important thing to look for was the ingredients and the ingredients list specified on the box has all herbal -botanical extracts.

Coming to its effectiveness, well I would say that I found some percentage of less hair fall after I started using it. No miraculous results, but definitely some improvement, as I found less hair on my comb. Whether I found new hair growth? The serum when applied leaves a very calming effect on scalp, reduces itchiness of dry scalp.
So, if you are looking for something that would curb your hair fall, you can definitely give it a shot. This serum or rather tonic is for scalp and not for hair.

What’s Good About It?

  • Reduces hair fall to some extent.
  • Natural ingredients
  • Light watery texture.
  • Absorbs quickly into the scalp.
  • Has calming effect on scalp.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Travel friendly packaging.

What’s Not So Good About It?

  • Does not de tangle hair( make it manageable) or add shine.

That was all about the review. Hope you gals enjoyed reading it. Please let me know if you find it helpful and also share with me what’s your secret to fight hair problems๐Ÿ˜Š. Take care. Byee.

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