Best homemade hair masks for dry and damaged hair

Best homemade hair masks for dry and damaged hair

Its time for winter, and also tough time for us managing our dry frizzy and damaged hair. The cold winter weather makes our hair dry, taking off all the moisture from out hair. With dry hair using too much conditioners and serums can make the scalp oily. Almost everyone faces this problem. So, then whats the solution? The solution is to give hair maximum of the nutrients to keep it nourished. 

Here are some best homemade hair masks that you can try that will definitely make your hair frizz free, hydrated and nourished. Avoiding chemical based products is the best way to keep your hair away from damage. In our hair masks we are going to use only homemade and completely natural products to reap maximum benefits out of it.

Olive oil and yogurt hair mask for dry hair

olive oil

Olive oil is packed with goodness of vitamin E, Omega-3, Omega 6 essential fatty acids and yogurt adds up proteins and minerals. Together they work wonders for dry hair. All you have to do is to take 2-3 table spoon of Olive oil and 2 tablespoon of fresh yogurt. Mix them in a clean bowl and then gently apply it to the scalp and hair. You can also massage it for few minutes. And then leave it in hair for 30 mins and then rinse it off. And you can notice soft, silky hair. Apply this mask once a week to get good results.

Egg and honey hair mask for dry hair


Egg a we all know that it is the powerhouse of proteins. Besides this it contains Omega fatty acids and many other important minerals like Manganese, Potassium etc which helps for hair growth and keeps the hair nourished. Honey has amazing moisturizing properties, which helps in hydrating the hair. It is very simple hair mask but smells awful. So, you can add your favorite essential oil to it to get rid of its smell. Just beat one egg or two depending on the hair length and add 2 teaspoons of honey. Apply it to hair and scalp section by section. Leave it for 15 mins and then rinse it off.

Banana and cream hair mask for dry hair


This is another amazing hair mask, it gives soft silky and manageable hair just in one go. It is extremely nourishing as well. Banana is rich in  vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and cream has fatty acids and proteins. Just take one ripe banana, mash it in a bowl and add 2 tsp of fresh cream. Mix it well and apply. Leave it for half an hour and then wash it off. Your hair will look bouncy and manageable.

Mayonnaise hair mask for dry hair


Mayonnaise may not be that healthy as a food item, but its definitely wonderful for hair. Many of us avoid using Mayo because it has high amount of calories and Cholesterol percentage in it. But it is very nourishing for hair. The fatty acids in it provides that extra nourishment which give hair life and bounce. Just apply plain Mayo to hair section by section, you can just run your fingers through hair, on the scalp. Leave it for 15 mins and rinse it off. This gives amazing shine and softness to hair.

Coconut milk hair mask for dry hair


Coconut oil is everyone’s favorite. But when you need extra softness for hair, try coconut milk. Coconut milk is dense thick white color milk and easily available in market. Apply coconut milk to scalp and hair and leave it for half an hour. You will notice extra smooth, soft and manageable hair. Apply this mask once a week to get noticeable salon style bouncy hair.

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