How To Use A Dry Shampoo-Tips and Tricks

How To Use A Dry Shampoo-Tips and Tricks

dry shampoo
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Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is the new product in the hair care product list. This product is super useful when you are in a rush and don’t have time to go for a hair wash and then blow drying etc etc. Using it in a proper way is important or else you might end up making your hair messy and leaving scalp itchy. So, here’s some more info on the product.

Why a dry shampoo?

As earlier mentioned that when you are in hurry, out of time, and you want your hair to look fresh and bouncy without a hair wash.
A night out with friends, a dinner party or on a short holiday trip dry shampoo comes handy. It makes the otherwise flat and dull
hair extra volume and bounce. I have used a Primark PS love your hair dry shampoo. It comes in beautiful travel friendly spray bottle.

dry shampoo

How to use a dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is nothing but a spray that absorbs all the oil and grease from your hair and gives it a fresh look. There are a lot of brands in market, BBlunt, Batiste etc. you can pick one of your choice 🙂 Now if you are thinking that you being lazy and want to use dry shampoo every other day or for a month or so, then stop! Dry shampoo can save you for a day! but doesnot
clean your scalp or rinse your hair like hair wash- shampoo. You can use it in between your hair wash days but can’t really replace shampooing.

Step By Step Instructions To Use Dry Shampoo-

  • Section your hair (crown part, sides-near ear, back), you can use a clips or elastic bands for tie up. You can even section up these above mentioned parts further if you wish to. Especially the crown part, which gives a complete flat look to the hair.
  • Take one section at a time, take the sides section first, then spray the dry shampoo keeping it at a 10 inches distance and spray it along the hair line.
  • Wait for a moment, again this quite a trial and error method for how long to wait. For some brands it gets soaked in quickly but for some it take up to 5 min or even more.
  • When you feel it has soaked in completely, then just roughly run your fingers through to add that volume or yo can run a brush.
  • After running your fingers in between, if you feel the grease is all gone then move on to next section or spray a little and repeat.
  • Take up the hair sections one by one and repeat the same process. For the crown section, hold your hair high up, and spray and then brush your hair, you can blow dry your hair for a min or two on cool mode, this gives super volume and it can make up beautiful pouf.

Whats not s cool about a dry shampoo?

  • It does not cleanse your scalp, shampooing perfectly gets rid of bacteria, dirt and germs from the scalp but its not the case with a dry shampoo.
  • The residue of dry shampoo left on scalp for long time, can make it itchy and irritated.
  • It does give hair a non-oily matte look, but at the same time the hair looks non lustrous, dull and fake 🙁
  • Dry shampoo day is great but a day after the hair is full of tangles and mess, it becomes double sticky.
  • And last but not the least, its full of chemicals. And leaving chemicals on the scalp is nothing less than harmful.

My Tip-

Simple and obvious tip here is if you are going for a dry shampoo, make sure you have a good hair wash very next day, so that all the chemicals are properly flushed off.
Hope you find this info useful 🙂

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