5 Simple Things To Reduce Hair Loss

5 Simple Things To Reduce Hair Loss

Hello Beauties,

Whatever our hair style may be, we all want our hair to be shiny, healthy and strong! There are many factors that can cause hair fall, and in my today’s post I have 5 simple things to reduce hair loss, and yes, there are no hair care products on this listπŸ˜‰. Coz, now that you have tried a ton of hair care products, let’s give it a try and make few simple changes!

5 Simple Things To Reduce Hair Loss

Satin Pillow case

Satin pillow

Put on a satin pillow case for your pillow. Satin reduces the friction between your hair and the pillow surface. When I used it for about a month, I could find my hair less frizzy, less dry. It also may help to reduce split ends and hair fall problem as well. And in addition to this it’s even good for the skin, coz it helps retain skins oil and moisture and doesn’t dry it out. So, this simple change is worth giving a try.

Wooden Comb/Brush

Hair comb

Wooden comb creates less static and so, you will not see frizz or flyaways when you use a wooden comb. Plus it helps get all the natural oils to the roots and increase blood circulation. Wooden comb might be little expensive when compared with a plastic brush or comb, but it’s really worth the money.

Tight Hairstyles(eg.ponytail)

Hair loss

We all love to get those high tight ponytail or like hairstyles such as bun, but when we tie our hair so tightly the hair strands get pulled strongly and this can cause hair fall. The hair strands may break, so wearing a tight hairstyle for a really long time may not be a good idea.

Hair Brush

Hair loss

Brushing hair is always a good habit, it helps to distribute oil and nutrients to the hair evenly. But too much brushing can cause hair strands go weak and result in hair fall. Also keeping the hair brush clean is also important, coz when we brush our hair, the dead cells, dirt on the scalp falls on the brush. Which automatically attracts the bacteria, this can again be cause of hair fall.

Sun exposure

Hair loss

Like our skin needs to be protected against the UV rays, our hair needs protection too. Coz the harsh UV rays can damage the hair leading to hair fall. So, next time you step out in sun, always wear a hat or a scarf and keep your hair protected as well.

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