5 Best And Budget Friendly Henna Kits

5 Best And Budget Friendly Henna Kits

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We all love to experiment with our hair, whether styling curls, straightening or highlighting, we just love playing with our hair. Continuous styling or using chemical based products make hair dry rough and hard to handle. Henna is one such product which you can color your hair all naturally. It not only add color and shine to hair, but also it conditions and strengthens it. 

So, my favorite treat to my hair is Henna hair pack. Hair feels so soft and healthy after one or two applications and you go all natural way which makes you feel happy for your hair 🙂 In today’s post I have got my fav 5 Best and budget friendly henna hair kits.  
You can also add some more natural ingredients to this henna powder and make your super effective and nourishing hair packs. Check this blog posts for more henna packs – http://venusbeauties.com/hair-packs/henna-hair-packs-for-shiny-and-strong-hair

5 Best And Budget Friendly Henna Kits

#1. Shahnaz Hussain Henna Precious Herb Mix

Shahnaz Hussain the name everyone is familiar with, has this beautiful blend of henna with other herbs like Amla, Neem, Shikakai, Babul gond. The powerful blend conditions and strengthens hair. The product also claims to control dandruff and hair loss along with hair coloring.
5 Best And Budget Friendly Henna Kits
It comes in sachet of 100gm for INR 120 with a shelf life of 3 years.
One sachet is enough for medium to long hair.

#2. Jovees Herbal Mehandi

This Mehandi is from popular brand Jovees. It comes with the goodness of Brahmi. It comes in a convenient plastic container packaging. So, you can spoon out the amount you want from the container easily and lock back the remaining for later usage. It covers the grey hair while conditioning it. The hair can get thicker and longer on regular usage.
5 Best And Budget Friendly Henna Kits
This costs around INR 185 for a pack of 150gms.

#3. Biotique Bio Henna Fresh Powder Hair Color

This henna powder from Biotique comes with the goodness of Mango kernel and Arjun tree bark. Besides giving hair the rich Brown color they makes hair strong and healthy. It deeply nourishes the hair and adds natural dark color and shine.
5 Best And Budget Friendly Henna Kits
Again this also comes in plastic container packaging which is very easy and convenient. This is available for INR 199 for 90gm pack.

#4.Khadi Natural Henna

This henna powder is from Khadi, a very well known brand for natural products. This deeply conditions the hair leaving it smooth and shiny. It nourishes and conditions hair and the scalp. 100% natural henna along with the perfect blend of herbs- Indigo and Amla.
It comes in a 150 gm pack which costs INR 220.

#5. Banjara’s Natural Henna

This is another good henna kit from Banjara’s which is completely natural. It comes with the goodness of hair care herbs like Hibiscus, Amla, Brahmi, Methi and Bhringraj which are best for hair. Nourishes the roots and makes hair lustrous. Conditions the hair and makes hair healthy, smooth and shiny.
5 Best And Budget Friendly Henna Kits
It comes for INR 40 for 100gm pack. 

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